Policy on Personal Information Protection

C-Lux Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, take safety measures to appropriately protect and manage the personal information entrusted to us by our customers in the course of our business activities, and comply with the following items.

1. Definition of Personal Information

The Company defines personal information as information that can be used to identify individual customers, such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

2. Scope of Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers will be used within the scope of the purpose of use specified to the customer.

3. Acquisition of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information from customers, we will notify them in advance of the purpose for which the information will be acquired and will acquire the minimum necessary personal information.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information obtained from customers will not be disclosed to third parties. However, we may disclose personal information to the minimum extent necessary under the following conditions.

  1. When the customer agrees to the disclosure of information.
  2. When required by law.
  3. When it is necessary to disclose information to our subcontractors with whom we have concluded a confidentiality agreement in advance in order to perform the services we provide to our customers.
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with the national government, local governments, or their subcontractors in the performance of their duties as required by law.

5. Management of Personal Information

Personal information obtained will be strictly managed and supervised by the Chief Administrator. In addition, the Company will take all necessary measures in a timely manner to prevent leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information.

6. Correction, Deletion, and Access to Personal Information

If a customer requests disclosure of personal information that we have obtained, we will promptly disclose the information to the customer. However, this is not applicable in cases where we are unable to confirm the identity of the customer, or if the disclosure would significantly impair our business operations. In addition, if a customer requests that his/her personal information be corrected or deleted, we will promptly correct or delete the information, provided that it meets the criteria specified by our company.

7. Access Analysis

In order to provide better service, the Company uses access analysis to collect statistical information on web pages. The Company does not collect any personal information from customers through access analysis.

8. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Company will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the management of personal information. If laws and regulations are amended in the future, the above items will be revised accordingly.