C-Lux will continue to provide “Service from your viewpoint” in a flexible and cross-sectoral way supported by high motivation toward new technologies and the changes in industry and in society.

Since our establishment in 1993, we have continued our business activities, focusing on connectors and connector related systems.
Our consistent principal is to contribute to the further development of the automotive industry by improving convenience and safety features and reducing the burden on the environment.

The most important aspect to let our company survive is “building good relationships with business partners”.
As the first step, we always try to provide our services from the viewpoint of our business partners, asking ourselves “how can we contribute to the partners and to the society”.
Every one of us experienced severe business environments triggered by the collapse of economy, natural disaster, and recent pandemic.
We are grateful to our business partners because it was only possible for us to survive such difficult time based on your positive evaluation to our business philosophy in addition to products and services.

We take it as the trust granted us, we will continue to meet the expectations of our business partners by listening sincerely to their requests and opinions under the circumstances, where the technological advancements and changes in the industrial structures are constantly updated.
A company grows day by day with the supports of many people, visible or invisible. And by “many people,” we mean not only our business partners but also our employees.
In this meaning, we would like to value each and every one of our employees and their families and are committed to creating a company where employees can maximize their abilities for the benefit of our business partners.

In the future, we will keep striving to contribute to the development of the global automotive industry by continuous improvement the existing products and services and also creating new solutions to our customers.
Amid the major changes in the automobile and auto parts industries that are said to occur once every 100 years, we are confident that the breadth and depth of our contributions to society and our business partners will expand continuously. In the process, we ourselves will continue to grow utilizing our own experiences and expertise as connector trading company in the different fields.

Thank you very much for your continuous supports.

E. Zander
Representative Director
C-Lux Co., Ltd.
S. Kanatori
Representative Director

CLux Added Value Optimization Program is on-going!